Create a Review of Film from Cinematographic Aspects by Observing These Two Ways

When you will watch a movie you will usually see a review of the film first. If the review given is good enough then you might not think long to watch it. However, when reviewing the film is bad, then you might cancel to watch the film. In ShowBox you can see reviews of a movie that you want so you can choose which movie you like.

However, when reading a review, what you usually find is spoilers, whether in terms of storylines or even the cinematography. In fact, there are some tips that you can do when making a review for a film in terms of cinematography.

1. sound and music
You can give an assessment of the existing backsound or sound effects that are given, whether it is excessive and does not match the contents of the film or is actually very comfortable with the film.

2. Scenario
You can also make an assessment of how strong the scenario is presented so that you can enjoy the film with satisfaction.

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