Hydroseeding to Solve Your Ex-Mining Land Problem

The problem of ex-mining land is a problem that will never cease to be discussed. The conflict between environmental damage caused by the economic value that is successfully taken from a mine location will always dominate every conversation that exists. One of the main things, when we talk about a mine site, is environmental damage that occurs after mining activities are completed. Many cases occur where a site/area of a former mine is left and not managed properly so that it eventually causes a hazard and detrimental impact, not only on the environment but also on the safety of the human soul. With the aim of repairing and restoring damaged land and vegetation in order to function optimally in accordance with its designation. After the mining activities end, post-mining land must be rehabilitated to minimize the effects of environmental damage caused. With hydromulching near me technology and sustainable methods, in accordance with government regulations, we offer TOTAL SOLUTIONS for the rehabilitation of post-mining land.

Besides that it can also create fertile habitats for plants, implementing a farming contour system, which is planting crops according to the land contour line. This method will help plant roots in holding water. Plant planting activities based on the system of terrace after terrace. This will help withstand the gravitational influence of the soil which is one of the causes of erosion. This system is often referred to as terracing. To create a horizontal planting path, it is better to hijack rice fields in the same direction as the existing land contour. This system is called contour plowing.

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